Experience Reel Fun In Easter Island, The New Yggdrasil Slot

Tell the Easter bunny to move over, because there’s only one place to go for an Easter Treasure Hunt and that’s Easter Island!

Easter Island is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot from Yggdrasil Gaming set on the Polynesian isle of Easter Island. Two towering Moai head statues welcome explorers to this Pacific paradise, where every win triggers a re-spin.

Will you heed the call of the animated Moai statues? Read on to discover more about Easter Island slot: its gameplay, paytable and bonus features.

Game Overview And Theme

It should come as no surprise that Easter Island is full of typical Polynesian features from the visual effects to the sounds. Game makers Yggdrasil are known for their wonderfully immersive themes and they bring every bit of their expertise and experience into making the theme of Easter Island an enjoyable one.

Put simply, the game is fantastic to look at. From the Moai heads flanking the playing area, to the blue-sky background, every aspect is wonderfully animated. The game symbols are colourful and pop from the screen on every spin. There are carved animal heads including a bird, fox and a turtle, as well as the gold Wild symbol.

Easter Island isn’t only about the looks though, as there’s the automatic re-spin following any win. There’s also Expanding reels and Expanding Wilds, so if bonus features are your thing, you won’t find them lacking.


Your welcome to Easter Island, from the Moai heads themselves, sets the tone for what is to come. As soon as the background music starts – a fun score that wouldn’t be out of place in a certain Disney film – the Moai heads immediately spring to life and involve themselves in the action.

They’ll excitedly “oooh” when it looks like your about to spin a win. They’ll celebrate your victories and be active participants in the bonus features, sucking in tiles from a winning spin and spitting out fresh ones to replace them.

The regular base game and three of a kind symbol swap re-spin both feature 27 paylines, the four of a kind symbol swap re-spin features 65 paylines and the five of a kind symbol swap re-spin features 103 paylines.

Bonuses And Special Features

Symbol Swap Re-spin

Every win in the base game triggers a re-spin (but wins in re-spins don’t trigger further re-spins). Re-spins always award the Symbol Swap feature to increase the potential win.

If the winning symbols were low pay symbols, all other low pay symbols are replaced with the winning symbol for the re-spin.

If the winning symbols were high pay symbols, all other high pay symbols are replaced with the winning symbol. The re-spin is then played with the same bet as the activating spin.

Expanding Reels

Reels expand vertically in the Symbol Swap Re-spin feature when a player hits a four of a kind win in the base game – this awards two extra rows, whilst hitting a five of a kind win in the base game awards four extra rows. All reels collapse to their regular size after the re-spin.

Expanding Wilds

When wild symbols land on winning spins in both the base game and in any re-spin, they expand to cover the entire reel. Wilds that land in winning base game spins are sticky for the Symbol Swap Re-spin and also expand to cover the full reel with the Expanding Reels feature.

Easter Island Is A Fun Place To Take Your Gaming

The enthusiasm of the Moai heads is infectious, as is the overall theme of the game. Whilst the bonus features don’t vary the gameplay, in Easter Island every win in the base game has the opportunity to turn into more winnings. So every winning spin brings a fresh bout of excitement regardless.

We’re not sure exactly what they eat on Easter Island, but we’d advise the Easter Bunny to steer well clear unless he wants to join the bird and the fox as one of the animal symbols in the game!