Go Wild For Jumanji

You delighted in the first movie and laughed in the second, it’s now time for you to play Jumanji and travel to the ancient jungle to find your treasure.

Following the success of the 1995 movie, which was made into an even bigger success in 2017, comes one of the most anticipated slot games ever, Jumanji. The game is a visually stunning representation of the popular book and movie franchise. It comes complete with jungle animals and, of course, the board game that made it all famous. No matter your preferred games or your level of play, you’ll find the many bonus features and random events like nothing you’ve ever played before.

Set Off On Your Adventure

Jumanji transports its players into another world. Similarly, Jumanji, the slot, is an exciting and engaging game which takes players on a wild journey of discovery and surprises. Its creators, NetEnt, are industry leaders in game design and this title represents yet another branded slot for them, after their successful release of Guns N’ Roses and Planet Of The Apes slot game, one of the biggest games of 2017.

This is a 5-reel, 36-payline slot packed with bonus spins, random events and even a mystery feature. If you are a fan of the movie you’ll simple love the mini game. In it, you can roll the dice and play the actual board game.

A Feast For The Senses

Before you start spinning, you’re moving through the jungle and you suddenly come across the board game. In the background, the sound of drums grows stronger and stronger as you wait to open the game.

The board game opens to reveal the reels, but they are no ordinary ones. The reels are shaped like a diamond, where the outermost reels have 3 symbols and the middle reel has 5 symbols. The game has a true jungle feel, there are pesky flies roaming around, mischievous monkeys making a mess, and the backdrop is off course the game board itself. But that’s not all, during gameplay, you can hear the sounds of all the animals of the jungle.

What looked like a simple bookshelf at the top left corner suddenly reveals a stampede of hippos. There is a carnivorous flower on the other side, but is it a friend or foe? You’ll soon discover the answer.

Rewards For Your Bravery

One feature which will certainly keep players on edge are the randomly generated in-game bonuses. These include:

– Monsoon Wilds – 1 or 2 reels become Wild and multiply the winnings of the other reels.

Wild Stampede – A stampede of hippos is usually something to be afraid of, but not in Jumanji. When you see these animals moving across your screen you know that you can get up to 9 Wild symbols replacing your other symbols.

 Monkey Mayhem – Those troublesome monkeys actually help you, moving symbols around the reels to guarantee a winning arrangement for you.

Sticky Vines – This feature locks your successful combinations and gives you the opportunity for re-spins until there are no more possible combinations or all the reels are full.

The excitement of the game continues when you start playing the board game itself. This is triggered when you get three or more Jumanji Scatter symbols on the reels. You first get to choose your token and start rolling the dice. 

You can roll the dice for as many times as the number of Scatter symbols you get. Each time you your token stops on the board you get re-spins or other bonuses. There are so many fantastic surprises in this game that even after playing for a while you’ll still feel like you’re playing for the very first time.

Your Travelling Companions

Just as you would expect in the jungle, there are numerous animals roaming about the reels of this game. You will see crocodiles, rhinos, pelicans and the mighty lion. Although feared in the movies, you will learn to seek it out as it is one of the most valuable symbols. You can easily spot it since it’s a golden card with Wild written on it.

You are sure to enjoy the 96% RTP which will give you the opportunity to get 1,000x your stake with just one spin! In reality, you’ll be so engaged in the game, eager to re-spin to see what happens next, that the prizes won’t probably matter so much, anyway.

Jumanji looks to become one of our favourite slots. It has been masterfully created for the excitement, the thrill, the courage and the relief as you journey into the wild jungle in search of your destination. Choose your favourite device and get going, the time to start your adventure has come.