Starburst™ Slot Review – A Diamond-Studded Trip Back In Time

Shine bright like a diamond with this simple but addictive Starburst from NetEnt. A 5-reel, 10-line success story from way back in 2012, the game has wormed its way into the hearts of players the world over despite being a strictly no-frills affair.

But while it may not exactly be bursting with curious features, it does have its fair share of dazzle – and we don’t just mean its diamond-studded look. The game has left many seasoned players scratching their heads at its success… Surely – they ask – there are far more complex and challenging slots out there than Starburst? Is there some special ingredient that keeps people logging in to play Starburst online?

Whatever the case, the enduring popularity of Starburst speaks for itself, and who are we to argue with what the people want?

Look and Feel

It doesn’t get any more user-friendly – or, well, just friendly – than Starburst. This perennial hit for NetEnt channels some serious old school vibes, taking players back to the 1980s with its diamond slot look and set-up, which also uses familiar figures like bars and sevens to really emphasise its retro feel.

Apart from the overall simplicity of the game itself, the colourful look of the whole thing really pulls you into a psychedelic world; with the rich velvet backdrop melding very nicely behind the scintillating array of the variously hued diamonds that make up the slots.

And to really make sure that your trip back in time is complete, the music is sure to get those nostalgia glands going. With a soundtrack that would perhaps be best described as ‘cosmic ambient’, the music will make you feel like you’re being shuttled around in an intergalactic chill-out zone. That is… until the pocket-lining winning combinations start to kick in.

How To Play

Like we already said, the main draw for the Starburst slot is that it provides a simple and fun formula for players of various skill sets. As such, the classic set-up of this 5-reel, 10-line game ensures there’s no trouble in understanding what’s going on.

But there’s one special feature that has kept players coming back for more, again and again. This is the Starburst Wild. The Starburst Wild can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. When it appears, it can expand across the entire reel, making all three symbols ‘go Wild’ and so giving you more chances to win. The Wild will remain in place while reels re-spin, which will give you yet another chance at winning. And each time you win, the reels will go for another whirl.

Another special feature of the Starburst slot is that up to three symbols can appear on a reel at around the same time, creating ‘Stacked Symbol’ combinations. Because these symbols can appear stacked on any of the five reels, your chances of winning increase.

However, do bear in mind that if you do in fact score more than one winning line with these symbols, your reward will only count for the highest-paying combination.

Playing Starburst On Mobile

While Starburst fares perfectly well as a desktop game, its simple-but-classic setup also ensures that it’s a perfect match for those who prefer to get their gaming groove on while on the go. In fact, and in large part, because of this, the Starburst slot is arguably even more suited for mobile phones.

And being a NetEnt Touch game – those who play slots online regularly will know the many benefits of this platform – only ensures that the mobile version of the game has maximum ease of use on its side, to the benefit of its many players.

Betting Limits And Payouts

The Starburst slot appears to want to attract as generous a range of players as possible, and apart from its user-friendly gameplay and attractive graphics and music package, its betting limits are a testament to this. Players can bet at little as 0.10 to as much as 100.

While Starburst does not fall under the progressive jackpot category – meaning that there’s a limit to how much you can rake in – this shouldn’t dissuade you from playing it too much, as said ‘limit’ is actually a whopping 50,000 coins!

As for payouts, the orange, purple, and blue gemstones represent the lower end of the scale, with the thrills racking up once you get the green and yellow jewels.

Eyes on the prize, though: the 7 icon is the one you need. Striking off five of them will score you 120 coins. But you’re in for a real treat if you manage the ‘golden bar’ icon – getting five in a row means you go home with an extra 250 coins.

All in all, Starburst is a low-volatility game, with return-to-player set at 96%. Which means that it’s a great treat for the risk-averse, if nothing else.


Colourful, easy to use and addictive. There’s a lot to recommend in Starburst – a title whose ‘star’ doesn’t appear to be waning any time soon. While its being thin on features and low volatility may be something of a turn-off for seasoned players looking for something edgier, the Starburst online slot remains a favourite among those attracted by its scintillating colours, hypnotic music and – most importantly – its airtight playability. This is a low risk, simple (but fun) game that however still has some generous prizes up its sleeve.