The Complete Book Of Ra Slots Review

Since the early civilisations, any legendary adventure or quest was accompanied by a book that chronicled the events and preserved them for future generations. Today we tell stories using other media, not least with video games! Legendary slots like Book of Ra and Book of Dead combine these traditions, bringing old stories to life with the thirst for brand new adventures.

We’ll take you on a journey of discovery through some of the finest ‘Book of’-inspired slots out there.

Open The Book Of The Dead With Book Of Ra Slot

The Book of Ra slot brings the legendary tales found within the Egyptian Book of the Dead to life directly to CasinoEuro, offering you an exciting and adventurous experience. Travel to Egypt and join a brave and young archaeologist as he searches for the famed Book of Ra.

How It Looks

Released in 2005, the online Book of Ra slot by Novomatic features an arcade-like design which gives it an overall retro feel. There are nine standard symbols in the game, which include the archaeologist and the pharaoh’s sarcophagus.

Complementing the game’s retro feel are the sound effects. This game doesn’t feature any ongoing soundtrack, but there are several sound clips at different portions of the game. During the base game, most of the sound effects resemble a classic arcade slot, complete with the sound of the mechanical reels falling into place. This is done very well, and if you close your eyes you might just think you’ve travelled to a traditional casino slot floor!

Your experience playing the online Book of Ra slot can be greatly enhanced when you trigger a Free Spins round. A 3D animation transports you directly into the tomb of the pharaoh and the infamous book is opened in front of your eyes. The slot then introduces an Egyptian-styled soundtrack which plays throughout this bonus feature, and even the sound effects become more immersive, creating a sense of thrill and excitement.

Game Features

Based on the legendary three-part book which contained knowledge that only the pharaoh was worthy enough to read, the Book of Ra slot features a compelling mixture of Egyptian mythology and entertaining reel action. The 5-reel, 3-row slot comes with nine paylines and two special features.

Gamble Feature

Whenever you obtain a winning combination you have the chance to double your winnings. All you need to do is guess whether the hidden card is from a red or black suit. Guessing correctly will instantly double your payout, and you can continue doubling it as long as you keep guessing correctly. You can stop this feature at any point and get your total payouts automatically transferred to your bankroll.

Free Spins Feature

The Book of Ra itself plays an important role in the slot by acting as both the Wild and the Scatter. Like most Wilds in other slots, this symbol substitutes for any standard symbol in the game. As a Scatter, the legendary book can trigger a round of free spins. Just like the actual book was said to be made up of three parts, it takes a minimum of 3 Scatter symbols to trigger a round of 10 free spins.

At the start of this feature, a symbol is selected at random. Whenever this symbol lands on the reels during free spins it expands to cover the entire reel. You’ll also get a special payout when you land the right quantity of the symbol on a winning payline. This added feature considerably increases your chances to bag a special prize in the game.

Book of Ra Payouts

With an RTP of 92.13%, Book of Ra might not be a game for the faint-hearted. The deluxe version of Book of Ra slot has a slightly higher RTP though.

For the low-value symbols, represented by the playing cards, payouts are awarded when three or more identical symbols land on an active payline. The archaeologist symbol offers the slot’s highest payout, with a whopping 5,000 coins when you land five of these symbols.

Playing Book Of Ra Online

The slot, developed by Novomatic, is easy to play, even for new slot players, though it might not be the most forgiving of games.

It may seem like it’s stuck in an earlier time, but Book of Ra is available to play on all devices, with no downloads.

Book Of Ra Deluxe

With its release in 2008, Book of Ra Deluxe built upon the success of the original slot and offers an upgraded version of the Egyptian adventure. The archaeologist is still the protagonist of the story, but in this version of the game, he has been given a facelift, looking even younger and more charming than before!

Perhaps surprisingly, the creators of the slot decided to keep the arcade sound effects of the original. On the other hand, winning combinations play a more modern tune with a hint of Egyptian music in the background.

Graphics in the Book of Ra Deluxe have also changed, with more aesthetically pleasing 3D animations and sharper imagery and design. Overall, this version of the game looks and feels contemporary, fitting in well with similar favourites such as the Book of Dead slot and others.

Deluxe Features

The same nine standard symbols which form the original line-up are also present in the Deluxe version of the slot. Unlike the original, however, Book of Ra Deluxe includes 10 paylines in its 5×3 reels. The game includes two special features which might sound quite familiar.

Whenever you register a winning combination, the slot offers you the opportunity to double your prize through the Risk feature. All it takes is correctly guessing the card’s colour. You can guess correctly up to five times, at which point your winnings are cashed out and you return to the main game. Stopping any time before you reach five correct guesses is also allowed.

Once again, landing three or more Book of Ra Scatter symbols triggers a round of 10 free spins. At the start of the round, a symbol is chosen at random and expands when it forms part of a winning combination. As in the original version of the slot, you can trigger another round of 10 free spins by landing a fresh set of Scatter symbols.


With an RTP of 95.1%, Book of Ra Deluxe offers slightly better returns than the original. Novomatic, the slot’s developers, released a demo version of the game for anyone to try. This demo version features all the same bonuses and gameplay as the actual slot, minus the opportunity to walk away with a real prize.

The payout rules in the Deluxe version of the slot are very similar to the original, with coins being paid out when three or more identical symbols land on an active payline. An important addition has been made to the payout of the game’s Scatter symbol. Whereas in the Book of Ra classic, the maximum coin payout for this symbol was 200 coins, with Book of Ra Deluxe you can win up to 2,000 coins if you land 5 Scatters.

Play Book of Ra Online Alternative Slots

Book of Ra has inspired a host of alternative online slots with an Ancient Egypt theme that also share similar bonuses and, in some cases, even boast updated gameplay with new or expanded features that far exceed the original game.

CasinoEuro offers some of the best Book of Ra alternatives in its lobby. Let’s find out more about one of the finest: Book of Dead.

Putting Ancient Egypt On The Slot Map

The success of the online Book of Ra slot has led to a frenzy of similarly themed slots by game developers from across the globe. Today, playing the online casino game Book of Ra is only the beginning of your journey. There are literally hundreds of titles with similar themes, yet each one features unique bonuses, symbols and gameplay.

This great diversity gives you an opportunity to break away from always playing the same game. Just like the adventurous archaeologist of Book of Ra you should be curious about what else is out there. Ancient Egypt has a lot more to offer you, and it is all available to you online.

As you explore new slots you’ll certainly encounter a lot which has made this civilisation one of the greatest in history. Scarab beetles, hieroglyphics, the eye of Horus, and the pyramids will certainly feature in many of these slots.

Naturally, the pharaoh plays an important role in practically any Egyptian-themed slot. Slots such as Ramses II and Coins of Egypt all took a page from the success story.

The other important element of this slot is the tomb raider theme. In the past, archaeologists were considered boring, but thanks to stories popularised by Hollywood, this career path is seen in a very different light. As a result, you can today find a bounty of thrilling slots with this theme. Popular examples include Treasures of Tombs, The Explorer’s Quest, and, of course, Book of Dead itself.

The Book of Ra was probably the inspiration behind some wackier slots too, such as Leprechaun Goes Egypt. The humorous slot features a gamble option and free spins, together with several symbols which are also present in the original slot.

Without a doubt, Book of Ra has spawned off a series of games, and whilst not all have been as successful, some have managed to become blockbusters in their own right.

The Legendary Book Of Dead Slot

Book of Dead is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot, in which the legendary Book of Dead symbol plays two important roles in the game, as a Wild and Scatter symbol, with the Wild able to trigger up to 10 bonus spins. In the main game, or at the end of a free spins round, you can even boost their winnings with the Gamble feature.

As soon as you start the game, you’ll realise that you’re in one of Egypt’s legendary tombs. The game’s protagonist is a tomb raider by the name of Rich Wilde, and you are invited to join him as you uncover the riches of the pharaoh and make off with luxurious possessions. There’s no doubt that Play’n GO, the slot’s creator, designed a game to quickly immerse you into the adventure which is about to unfold.

How It Looks

The game’s symbols are a showcase of numerous Egyptian icons, such as the pharaoh and his eternal and loyal guards. Book of Dead is free of excessive animations, however, an exciting 3D animation reveals the unlocking of the game’s bonus feature.

As you spin the reels you’ll be kept entertained by the evocative soundtrack. In fact, the music which plays in the game would fit perfectly into any ancient Egyptian movie, and therefore complements the game’s theme perfectly. Several sound effects throughout the game similarly reflect the slot’s main theme.

During the bonus feature, the soundtrack and effects evolve, creating a sense of imminent action which will move you to the edge of your seat.

Book Of Dead Features

This slot features 10 paylines and a total of nine standard symbols. These are split between five low-value symbols and four high-value ones. The Book of Dead symbol plays two important roles in the game, the Wild and the Scatter. As a Wild, this special symbol can substitute for any other symbols in the game. At the same time, as a Scatter, this symbol can trigger the slot’s bonus feature.

Landing 3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger a round of 10 free spins. Before the spinning starts, the Book of Dead will open to reveal a random game symbol. This symbol will have the special ability to expand when it lands on the reels during this feature. Symbols only expand when additional prizes can be awarded along active paylines.

One of the best features of the slot is that you can trigger additional free spins whilst you’re already enjoying a bonus round. All it takes is landing an additional set of 3 or more Scatter symbols!

In the base game, or at the end of the free spins round, you have the option to boost your prize money through the Gamble feature. This feature is split into two parts. In each round, you can choose to either guess the colour of the card or the suit. Choosing the colour correctly will award you with double your prize, whilst choosing the suit correctly with quadruple your prize.

Once you make your choice, if you choose correctly you’ll be given the option to guess again or collect your winnings. In total, you’re allowed up to five correct guesses per round, after which your prize money is cashed out and you can start a fresh spin. If at any point you guess incorrectly, then you lose the prize altogether.

Book Of Dead Payouts

All symbols in the game, including the Book of Dead symbol, award a payout when a certain number land on a winning payline. You must land a minimum of three low-value symbols to receive a prize, but it is enough to land two or more high-value or scatter symbols to also get a prize as well. Rich Wilde represents the slot’s highest paying symbol and landing five of him on a payline will reward you with a cool 5,000 coins. Other high-value game symbols also offer respectable coin prizes, and together give the game an RTP of 96.21%.

Book of Dead is available to play for free, but this slot hides one massive prize indeed. Playing real money slots like these will give you in the chance of winning the slot’s 250,000 coins.

Playing Book Of Dead Online

Play’n GO has developed Book of Dead to be accessible using your favourite online device. No matter if you prefer desktop computers or a smartphone, you can enjoy uncovering the secrets of Egypt wherever you are. Since no software download is required, all you really need to access the game is a good Internet connection.

The creators of the slot gave it their signature user interface which makes playing this slot intuitive and easy. No matter your slot experience level you’ll be spinning those reels in no time. The all-important spin button is in the centre right of the slot. All other options, including wagering and autoplay, are located in the menu button below the slot. The paytable is easy to read and understand too.

More Adventures With Rich Wilde

If you enjoy your Egyptian adventure alongside Rich Wilde, you’ll be happy to know that you can catch him in another two exciting slots. In fact, the Indiana Jones-style character is also the protagonist in Aztec Idols and Pearls of India slots.

Rich Wilde and the Aztec Idols begins with an immersive animated intro which sets the scene of the slot’s storyline. Based on the well-known and feared South American civilisation, the slot features several symbol animations and great overall integration of sound and visuals.

In Rich Wilde and the Pearls of India, the intrepid explorer travels to the far east and rewards you when he comes across golden statues and other artefacts. The slot features several exciting segments, including free spins and a progressive bonus.

Pages From The Same Book?

Book Of Dead Vs Book Of Ra

As any slot player will notice that there are several similarities between the two games. In fact, with a difference of around 11 years between the two slots, many have argued that Book of Dead was more than just inspired by the online casino Book of Ra.

In terms of gameplay and bonuses, Book of Ra got a lot right. The slot’s features and symbols are not complicated whether you’re a new or experienced player, you’ll quickly master the game. It makes sense that Book of Dead built upon the proven recipe of its predecessor to provide a new generation of slot players with a similar experience.

However, in several ways, Book of Dead offers an appealing alternative to the Book of Ra. The slot’s maximum win alone marks a significant difference. Whilst both Book of Ra and Book of Ra Deluxe provide a maximum jackpot of 50,000 coins, Book of Dead offers you an opportunity to win up to 250,000 coins.

The visual experience and sound effects in the games are also quite different. Play’n GO clearly made a bigger effort in creating stunning graphics and 3D animations, together with a soundtrack and other effects which smoothly complement the slot’s theme.

If you enjoy a little side hustle you’ll appreciate the upgrade to Book of Dead’s gamble feature. Unlike in the online casino Book of Ra, you have two separate guessing options, and choosing correctly can bag you either double or four times your prize money at a go.

We can’t resist this ancient Egypt-themed title thanks to its wider range of features and more modern design. Oh, and who said 250,000 coins?

Famous “Book Of…” Titles In History

Important books have survived the threat of time to make it to the modern world, and you can behold their fascinating wisdom. The titles of these books are, in themselves, a giveaway whether the book is special or not. Ordinary books have quirky, creative titles, there to attract the reader. Truly special books, however, are often known as the “Book of…”. They don’t need tantalizing titles because they are the authority on the subject.

And no journey in man’s life has even been so studied and spoken about with so much authority as the afterlife. Volumes have been written about death and what lies beyond it. Prophets and visionaries have claimed to know what lies behind the cloak of darkness, yet no one is ever truly prepared for a destiny which faces every single individual.

An example of man’s attempt to guide others through the greatest mystery of life comes from ancient Egypt. The Egyptian Book of the Dead, the inspiration behind these great slot games, can be traced back to around 2650 B.C.E., is a collection of spells intended to help the deceased find his or her way through the afterlife.

In fact, the title originally given to the book was very different. A literal translation would give it the title of The Book of Coming Forth by Day or Spells for Going Forth by Day. However, a more precise title would be The Egyptian Book of Life. Both don’t make for the best slot game titles though.

No matter which title fits better, life and death have always been topics of interest amongst adventurers, and scholars. Millennia after the Egyptian writings were written, another famous book on the subject was created. The Tibetan Book of the Dead, or Bardo Thodol, if you speak Tibetan, was written in around 1350 A.C.E.

Like its Egyptian counterpart, the Tibetan Book of the Dead acted as a guide to people’s journey after death. With their belief in the rebirth after death, this book served to prepare people for what was to come. It also served to offer guidance on signs of death and rituals to follow.

Another popular manuscript is the Book of Kells. The content of this book isn’t anything original since it basically contains the four gospels of the New Testament. What is truly special about this book is its design. Setting your eyes on the intricate designs and painstaking detail which it contains will make you appreciate the true value of this stunning work of art.

A good portion of all sacred texts act as some form of guide to death and the afterlife, but in the Book of Enoch, you get to learn about supernatural demons and giants. Enoch was said to be Noah’s great grandfather. Recounted through tradition, the Book of Enoch explains the Great Flood, explains why some angels turn to demons and more.

The book was estimated to have been written around 300 B.C.E., and its content has inspired movies and other books. Older sections of the book have been joined together and are known as the Book of the Watchers.

More Book Of Titles To Play At CasinoEuro

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Maximum Win: 1,200 coins

Ways To Win: 243

RTP: 96.35%

Volatility: Medium

Features: Symbol Cloning, Free Spins, Bonus Buy Feature

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Book Of Immortals

Maximum Win: 1,500 coins

Paylines: 10

RTP: 96.31%

Volatility: Low to Medium

Features: Scarab Swap, Expanding Free Spins, Immortal Reels

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Book Of Maya

Maximum Win: 250,000 coins

Paylines: 10

RTP: 95.18%

Volatility: High

Features: Gamble Feature, Extra Bet, Re-Spins

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