10 Casino Myths Debunked

The casino industry welcomes millions of eager players every day, from all over the world, both online and in land venues. With so many new players joining every day, myths are not uncommon. Sometimes, the crazier they are, the more people believe them. This article debunks ten of the most common casino myths and explains the truth behind them.

1. Counting Cards Could Land You In Jail

Not exactly. Card counting is an ability which has been glorified in countless movies such as Rain Man and 21. It basically involves having a good memory to keep track of the cards which are dealt in order to better understand the probability of a good or bad hand. Being able to count cards could give you an edge in Blackjack of up to 1.5%. The practice is not illegal, but casinos can choose not to pay you any payouts and may ban you for life. You definitely won’t end up behind bars because of it though!

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2. The Whole System Is Rigged

There are some who believe that casino tables or slot machines are rigged against players. This myth might have a basis in truth decades ago, when players used to play on mechanical machines that could be easily modified, but it is practically impossible to that on modern digital games. Licenced casinos get regular audits from independent game labs to ensure that every wheel, slot and game in the casino is truly random.

3. Following Trends Leads To Guaranteed Success

Just as with share prices, there are those who manage to develop trends from a game’s past performance and use them to predict future payouts. Generating these trends can be done depending on your knowledge of maths, but the hard part is getting them to be correct. In reality, payouts are totally random. Whilst it is theoretically possible for a trend to be correct, you’re more likely to find a bag of money lying in the street!

4. Ladies First

Having a woman roll the dice for the first time will not ensure, as some people may think, a good payout. There may have been a few sensational anecdotes of this happening a few times in the past, but that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to happen again.

5. In Craps, Hot Is Hot And Cold Is Cold

Craps is just as random as any other casino game, yet the myth that a hot table will stay hot and a cold table with stay cold is surprisingly widespread. Unless someone can reason with dice, they will remain as random as they are cuboid.

6. The Hidden Abilities Of The Roulette Dealer

There are those who believe that an experienced Roulette dealer is capable of throwing the ball in such a way as to guarantee on which number the ball lands. If ever such a dealer exits, working at a casino would be a wasted career choice!

7. Pulling A Slot Lever Is Better Than Pressing A Button

This myth may have had some credibility in the past, but today, with more slot machines today being digital than mechanical, it simply doesn’t hold water. Both the lever and button connect to a computer which triggers the spin of the reels, ensuring a completely random result either way.

8. Believing In The Gambler’s Fallacy

Some players believe that they are due a win at some point. For example, by playing a game which gives players a 20% chance of winning, players who don’t win after five consecutive rounds feel that a win is imminent. In reality, every round is independent of the result of the last.

9. Skill Is Completely Useless

Certain casino games, especially card games like Poker or Blackjack, can give you better odds if you’re able to use skill and strategy to your advantage. You might not take home the jackpot, but you will probably be able to enjoy yourself with a more resilient bankroll.

10. Oxygen Is Pumped To Keep Players Awake And Energised

It is difficult to understand from where such a myth could have originated, perhaps a disgruntled patron? But in any case, it’s not true. Can you imagine the cost to keep such a practice up? With pure oxygen being so flammable, had this myth actually been true, you would have certainly heard of a few casinos blowing up by now.

Having Fun At Casinos

These are just some of the most common casino myths, and there are plenty more going around. The most important thing to remember is that games at casinos are random, and that it is precisely their unpredictability that makes them so exciting.

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