Biggest Roulette Wins In History

Joseph Jagger, Charles Wells and Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo were true masters of the game of roulette. With an eye for detail and a sharp, mathematical mind, they succeeded in breaking the banks of casinos all over the world. Their wins are regarded as some of the biggest wins in history.

Fast-forward several years and more people have joined the list of big winners in modern times. Here’s a look at some of the biggest roulette wins in recent history.

Sir Philip Green

Billionaire fashion mogul, Sir Philip Green is a known gambler in some of London’s swanky casinos. In December 2004, he managed to walk out with a whopping £2 million in his pocket. It’s also reported that he won another million before the end of the year.

Ashley Revell

A trip to Vegas changed Ashley Revell’s life in 2004. He took all his life savings, sold his house, his BMW, and most of his belongings to try his luck at the roulette table. A docuseries recorded every moment in Mr Revell’s thrilling adventure, including the main event. Ashley Revell wagered £76,840 when he bet on red and got paid the red/black payout of 1:1. In the words of Revell himself,

Pedro Grendene Bartelle

Amongst the biggest wins in roulette history is Pedro Grendene Bartelle’s success at Uruguay’s Punta del Este casino. Bartelle’s strategy avoided the even-money red/black bets and instead focus on most of the third dozen. Most of his $500 chips were placed on number 32 and eventually, he managed to win a colossal $35 million.

Chris Boyd

Like Ashley Revell, programmer Chris Boyd’s life changed after he also chose to bet on red Initially, Boyd encountered a few problems to find a casino that allowed him to place such a high amount.

Even though the Binion Horseshoe Casino had a strict $100,000 limit rule, they eventually agreed to let him play. Boyd placed $220,000 in a single bet and successfully walked out of the casino with double the money.

Sir Sean Connery

In January 1963, Sir Sean Connery travelled to Italy to try his luck at a casino in Saint-Vincent. This is a case of third time’s a charm!

He placed bets on the number 17, which initially didn’t hit. However, Connery eventually defied the odds on his third bet and it finally hit the 17 pocket. He then decided to bet again and again and ended up hitting 17 three times in a row. Considering the odds of this happening are 1 to 50,653, Sir Sean Connery definitely had a very good night!

If you’d like to try your hand at this game and have some of the same success as these famous faces, we suggest you brush up on your skills with our Big Guide To Roulette.