Discover Your Ugly Jumper

Tips For Men

• Decorate your beard with small bells and a lot of glitter. No beard? Grow one or use your moustache or chest hair.

• Make sure to wear a Christmas tie, bowtie or socks at all times no matter the outfit. Nothing says Christmas like a business suit and reindeer socks.

• Wear a Santa hat and greet everyone with Ho, Ho, Ho. Especially at the office. In the morning. Before coffee.

Tips For Ladies

• Wear Christmas globes or candy canes instead of earrings.

• Make sure you leave a trail of cinnamon perfume every time you walk by.

• Plan a Christmas potluck with co-workers or friends and be a real detail freak.

• Get the latest festive manicure and figure out how to use your smartphone with your new nails.

In the spirit of Christmas, turkey roast, eggnog and other kinds of special brews, some of our casino characters managed to design a line of extremely fashionable jumpers.

Which one will suit you? Take the test and let’s find out!