We’ve Updated Our Privacy, So What?

So, we’ve updated our privacy policy… If you own an email you’ve most likely heard that from everyone and their uncle in the last month or so. Which probably leaves you wondering why everyone is suddenly so interested in sharing, with privacy normally being, well, private… However, they (and we) are not talking about our private lives or our need for privacy. No, instead this is all about ensuring you that your information is still safe and sound with us.

So this privacy policy update, or GDPR as many call it is “all the rage” this summer (and some little football thing, we forget which). But what is GDPR? Simply put, “GDPR” is made to give you full control of your online experience and is a requirement to all websites available here in Europe.

But! Enough of all that boring info, what does it actually mean for you?

1. Special Gifts

We believe some of our people might secretly be related to Santa. At least it feels like that since they often feel extra generous and send out special offers and exclusive gifts to selected players via email. Sometimes it’s just nice to get something a little extra to treat yourself to some fun thrills. On top of that you’ll always get the best of the best, like the biggest offers, most valuable deals and exclusive games.

2. Be Ahead Of The Game

Have you ever felt like you came a bit late to the party? We make sure you’re always in the know. When a jackpot is about to fall, we let you know, with all the juicy details about when it’s likely to fall so you can do more than just spin, you can play smart.

3. Don’t Miss A Win

Find out about winning a CasinoEuro campaign prize faster. We try to call all our big winners especially when they win a trip to AC Milan, gadgets, cash and more. But we also send winners a quick celebratory message so you can start celebrating earlier. Want to know if you won that VIP package to the Formula 1 faster? Yes, this is the way to do it!

So there you have it. That’s what you really need to know. Your information is still just as safe as it’s ever been and we’re not (and have never been) sharing your email with undercover agents. GDPR just means that now everyone else also have to be just as safe as us and your information is yours to control. So make sure to check out your CasinoEuro account to stay informed about all the latest and greatest offers and more.

It’s easy, simply login and click on your name to see your account info. Then click “My Profile” and “Marketing Preferences” to make sure you’re staying up to date with us.

Why not start being first in the know by checking out the games that are coming soon or checking the latest promotions to find out what you can win. We’re giving away some great experience packages and much more right now at this very moment!