Leander – All About The Slots

Fond of slots? It seems many gamers are.

In fact, slots are currently one of the most popular choice for players of casino games worldwide. It makes sense, therefore, that many game providers choose to focus on developing their slot games above all others.

Leander Games take this so seriously that slots are all they produce!

If you think about it, it’s a very smart move by Leander. By sticking to just one type of game, they can pour in all their attention and expertise into making them to the best of their abilities. With the popularity of slots in online casinos, it works out very well for them!

Apart from this, Leander Games have managed to create good quality slots with diverse themes, despite releasing only a few dozen games since their inception in 2008. We don’t think this is necessarily a downside, however, since the games are creative and something different compared to the masses of sometimes generic games released by larger companies all the time. 

A Brief History Of Leander

Leander Games was established in 2008 in Argentina, but now holds a number of offices in other places. The company is made up of a team experienced in online gaming and clearly passionate about their work.

The company went as far as creating their own reputable platform – LeGa – with which they developed their slots. This platform has been created to seamlessly blend with other developers, and is hosted in various locations to suit different companies due to licensing.

Leander Games themselves are part of Xterra Games Ltd and are registered in the Bahamas, holding licenses to provide gaming in many different countries.

The software provider’s vision appears simple: to create high quality and innovative slots on a high-performing Remote Gaming Server (RGS), offering video slots with a difference. 

Most Popular Games

Zombie Rush

An unusual but very interesting theme dominates this video slot — zombies!

Leander Games’ dedication and expertise really stands out in one of their most popular slots, as not only is the game visually extraordinary, but the storytelling is particularly immersive.

The first thing you’ll realise once you’ve loaded the game is the high-quality music and crisp sounds that come with this well-designed slot. Straightway the game feels different to many popular video slots by online gaming giants as the gameplay is peculiar and highly animated. The animations, in fact, look more like something out of a Disney movie.


Ancient Egypt-themed slots are quite popular in the online gaming world, but Leander Games managed to make this one all the more unique.

This video slot doesn’t have the all-too-common paylines of typical slots. Instead, it has 5-reels and 243 winning combinations. The graphics are on the simpler side, which is a huge plus for gamers looking for a more classic-looking slot without too much animation going on.

Like many slots by Leander Games, Khepri is based on adventure and storytelling — this time with a wonderful theme and many mythology-based symbols and special features just waiting for you to give them a spin.


Supernova video slot will have you scratching your head for a bit before you get the hang of it.

It helps to understand the basic idea, though: two sets of reels in one video slot and six different symbols. With these, you need to try and score a winning combination — which shouldn’t be too difficult considering the limited number of symbols.

The design and gameplay of this game is a bit unusual, but that’s exactly what makes it fun and special. The cosmic theme and sci-fi feel to the game is something we don’t see enough of in video slots.


Gold is a classic, luxury-themed video slot for all the fans of traditional, shiny video slots. And boy, does this one shine!

When we say classic, we mean it — this is a typical five-reel slot which feels just like a real slot machine in a land-based casino.

The only difference is that, apart from playing in the comfort of your own home, Gold video slot is highly customizable and comes with a total of 20 active paylines.

Bonuses and free spins are rife, as well as massive multiplier wins that will help you bring home the gold. Leander Games really has something for everyone!

What makes Leander slots so special?

Somehow, Leander Games stand out amongst many competing software providers.

It could be that, despite their small size and modest collection of games, they’re still relatively popular and sought after. We’re guessing this is because their games speak for themselves — many of them are visually stunning, elegantly designed and exude excellent quality overall.

Leander Games are evidently innovative in their approach, and being a slot-only developer makes them very attractive to slot fans and casino players in general. All their slots look like a work of art, which shows that they pour all their efforts into slots for a reason.

The company has also included licensed slots in collection, such as Dolly and Megadeth — once again showing their ability to cater for a vast audience. Although this is usually typical of larger companies, Leander Games have managed to make it work.

Unsurprisingly, Leander Games have landed themselves a few awards. In 2013, they received an eGaming Review award and their innovative platform, LeGa, has been massively successful. Their eye for creativity and innovation have kept them competitive, despite their size in comparison to others in the gaming industry. 

Overall impression?

For a relatively small company, we think the standard of games is impressive. We’re not surprised that a good number of online casinos have included Leander Games slots in their collection.

Despite the limited number of games, the slots differ so much between themselves that everyone is bound to find something to suit their style. However, given the amazing quality of the games, we are certainly left wanting more and hope they can work to expand their list of games in the near future. This company’s slots are definitely worth checking out – even if just for the novelty factor!