What Are Bonus Rounds?

Slot games are one of the most well-loved and exciting online casino games that you can play. With an ever-increasing selection of slots to choose from, each coming in a wide variety of thrilling themes, most players are truly spoilt for choice.

You can embark on an adventure deep underwater, battle aliens, fight alongside your favourite action heroes, and even play with mythical creatures. One thing that all these slots games have in common is the use of free spin bonus round games that not only make the slot itself more interesting but also dish out some serious top real money winnings. 

What Is A Bonus Free Spins Round?

Recent software improvements have made it possible for online slot machines to now come with a host of cool, interactive features that are triggered when certain scatter and wild symbols are aligned.

The first thing that players should know is that these special features have a lot of pseudonyms in the online casino world. You can find them listed mainly as ‘free spins rounds’, but you can also find them as ‘bonus spins’, ‘bonus rounds’, ‘free games’, and also ‘free bets’.

As already mentioned, certain slot games give players these free bonus features once a certain combination of symbols appears on the reels. The actual number of these free spins will depend on the slot game being played. The most common amount will range between 5 and 20 spins, but there are some very generous online slot games that also dish out hundreds of free spins.

The most important thing for players to know about these free spins is that once activated, they won’t draw money out of your bankroll. In addition, all winning paylines that are aligned during the bonus feature rounds will be deposited in the overall balance once the free round is over. 

Types Of Bonus Rounds

When it comes to free bonus round features, these also come in different formats. Some are very straightforward, run of the mill free reel spins that do not alter the way the slot game works, while others include more elaborate features that trigger a new side to your favourite slots game.

How Do Free Spins Rounds Work?

The free spins round is, without a doubt, one of the most popular bonus features among slot players. As already mentioned above, the number of free spins will vary between one game and another. In addition, some games may also feature certain elements in their free spins such as expanding symbols or reels that increase the chances of landing winning paylines.

This is one of the features that is used in the Book of Dead online slot. Players receive an initial pot of 10 free spins when they land three or more scatter symbols, but they can then win more free spins if they land money scatter symbols during the free game. In addition, Book of Dead also carries an expanding symbol feature during the free spins round.

How To Trigger The Bonus Wheel In Slots?

One of the more interesting formats of the bonus round is the ‘Spin the Wheel’ feature, which is the hallmark of online slots such as Mega Fortune Dreams. Just as the name implies, the free bonus round consists of spinning a digital wheel that pops up once the free rounds are triggered.

In Mega Fortune Dreams, once the Bonus Wheel round is kick-started, players must navigate through the mechanisms of this feature in order to try and land the sought-after Mega Fortune progressive jackpot.

More Winning Slot Features

Some of the more modern slot titles have managed to take the free bonus rounds a step further by introducing elaborate arcade-style features, that actually give players an entirely new game within the online slot.

There is really no standard of what the bonus can look like, as this all depends on the game. Taking Viking Fire as an example, a lightning bolt strikes a character on the left of the screen when three or more scatter symbols are hit. The actual bonus round then consists of firing a cannon at colourful Viking ships, which will reveal prizes when they sink.

Slots have come a long way since the times of land-based casinos. These games have now transformed into an online means of entertainment that are full of excitement, bonus features, and a lot of potential to win some serious hefty cash.

Players have the choice of going for the classic slot with simple bonus rounds, or they can go crazy with modern themed slots that pack a serious punch and feature some incredible arcade style bonus games.

No matter the choice, one thing is quite certain – do not miss out on these free bonus rounds as they’re your ticket to winning top real money prizes. 

Best Bonus Round Slots

If you’re looking for multiple bonus features from free spins to big wins, then the not-so-cuddly Ted slot is the game for you, with a stunning 11 bonus games!

If you like fairy tales and hopefully a slot game with a happy ending, then try a few spins on Snow Wild And The Seven Features. This slot’s name says it all: each dwarf triggers a unique bonus feature, from re-spins to replacing symbols and even more bonuses!