What Are Collecting Features?

Slot machine games have been a fan favourite in the online casino community for decades. The simple rules and premise of the game make them accessible to anyone, and recent software advancements have given developers a lot of room to come up with some pretty creative and interactive gaming concepts.

In fact, most of the modern slots now boast some sweet bonus rounds that have an arcade feel to them. These bonus rounds allow players to play an entirely new game within the actual slot, which gives them new tasks and objectives to meet in order to increase their real money pot.

There are many different styles to these bonus round features, and one of the most popular ones is the ‘Collecting Feature’, which is being observed on a more regular basis.

So What Is The Collecting Feature In Slots?

The Collecting Feature is just one of the many styles of arcade bonus round features that are available in most online slot games. As the name suggests, players need to collect something in order to gain access to new game features or to receive different types of prize multipliers.

There is no rule as to how and when this feature is activated – as an example, some games use this feature as a way of activity free spins, while others may use this feature during free spin bonus rounds to unlock top real money prizes. Some online slot games also use the Collecting Feature to access different levels of the bonus round game.

As it stands, the Collecting Feature is a great opportunity for developers to integrate it into a new online slots game and match it with the game theme itself. We have listed below some noteworthy slots that have very different but equally exciting Collecting Features.

Examples Of Collecting Features

Alchymdes from Yggdrasil is a great game that includes a Collecting Feature called the level completion multiplier. Players start at the base with a 1x multiplier, which randomly changes all the way up to 100x.

With each level being completed, players will notice the Alchemist’s Scale appearing on their screens to give them the option of choosing between red and green potions. Different coloured potions present players with different possibilities.

Green potions increase the chance of wilds in the next game level, while red potions increase the chances of a larger multiplier.

Robin Hood From NetEnt is an exciting slots game developed by industry leaders Net Entertained (NetEnt). This game follows the theme of the eponymous main character of this game and also includes a great Collecting Feature that sees players collecting bags of money.

The money bags in this game act as a form of scatter symbols, so if players manage to get four money bags in a chest they earn 10 free spins. Players need to manage to collect more money bags so that every extra chest at the beginning of the free spins round is converted to an additional 10 free spins.

How To Collect Followers In Cleopatra PLUS

An all-time favourite theme of slots developers is Ancient Egypt, and IGT’s Cleopatra PLUS delivers well in this. Apart from the stunning visuals, this slots game also boasts a great Collection Feature that requires players to collect a certain number of followers in order to level up throughout the game.

Each time a bonus symbol appears on the reels, player awarded 1 follower, and even more, followers are available once higher levels are unlocked. Each time players achieve a higher level, they manage to access a new bonus feature that includes stacked symbols on reels, free spin multipliers and the Super Spin Feature.   

Collect Blue Mana And Red Mana In Tower Quest

Tower Quest is a fantasy-themed slots game by Play N’ Go that involves wizards, goblins, and other sorts of character that you would expect in the likes of Dungeons and Dragons. In addition, this game also employs a Collecting Feature where players have to collect Blue Mana and Red Mana.

Mana is a coloured liquid that is filled in potion bottles that are scattered across the reels. Once a red or blue potion bottle appears on the reel, the mana will be collected into two large glass columns – one for blue mana on the left side of the screen, and one for red mana on the right side of the screen.

You can activate the bonus round after collecting at least 5 blue or red potion bottles, and different amounts of potion bottles give different bonus rounds with different multipliers.

Start Your Collection Today!

Online slots that make use of these types of Collection Features are guaranteed to be exciting and dynamic games. In addition, there is also a higher probability of landing a top real money jackpot during one of the bonus feature rounds. So make sure that you visit your favourite online casino today, and start collecting!