How To Wager On Casino Games?

Good casino knowledge goes down as well as our morning coffee, and here at CasinoEuro we’re always keen to share with you the latest casino news, tips and insights to have all  your casino questions, answered.This week, we’re give you the lowdown on casino wagering, and what it means when you claim your casino bonuses.

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What Is Casino Wagering?

Casino wagering can be used when talking about two different sides of your casino experience. First, there’s the wagering requirements that come with your casino bonuses and free spins. And second, each game has a minimum and maximum “wager limit” as in how much you can play for per spin. The direct meaning of wagering in the casino is basically to turn over bonus money a series of times or “ to place a bet”.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Casino bonuses and free spins, unless otherwise stated, come with a wagering requirement. Basically, how many times you have to “wager”, or play for, your bonus money before it’s released and you can withdraw it. At CasinoEuro we offer bonuses with different types of wagering requirements, but our standard bonuses will have to be wagered 40 times within five days and for free spins, 15 times within five days.

How Do You Wager Your Casino Bonuses And Free Spins?

When you get a Welcome Bonus or other Bonuses at CasinoEuro, you’ll be required to play that money a certain number of times before you can withdraw it. For example, a €1 spin on most slots with 100% wagering is €1 wagered, so if the wagering requirement is 10x you need to place 10x your bonus in order to fulfil the wagering requirements. Check all Bonus Terms and conditions carefully, as different bonuses have different requirements.

Different games also count differently, so make sure to check that the games you’re playing on count towards your wagering requirements. Not all games contribute the same amount to the bonus wagering requirement. While some games count with a higher percentage towards the requirement, others don’t count at all. One such game is Blood Suckers, which won’t help you if you’re trying to wager your bonus.

What Does 10x Wagering Requirement Mean?

Most slots, except for a standard few, count 100%, meaning if you have 10x wagering requirement you’ll have to wager your bonus exactly 10 times on these. On the other hand, live casino, video poker and table games all offer a much lower percentage. Most video poker and roulette table games (except live) offer 10%, meaning you will have to wager your bonus 100 times to reach the 10x wagering requirements. Live casino games offer 15% and blackjack table games offer 5%. That’s why we suggest playing slots if you have an active bonus, as they cover more of your wagering requirement, though they do have lower odds of winning than say, blackjack or roulette.

How Does Wagering Work On Online Slots?

Wagering, or playing, on online slots is simple to learn. When you open an online slot you’ll see that different games offer different wagering options, in the form of coin values and bet lines. Some games offer you a minimum and maximum coin value, allowing you up your stake and therefore increase your payout, while other slots also allow you to multiply your coins by also changing the Bet Level, like for example Wolf Cub.

How Does Wagering Work On Live Casino And Table Games?

Wagering in Live Casino and table games work the same way as in a land-based casino. You can place as many chips as you like per bet, of course complying with the particular table’s minimum and maximum bets, as well as any specific betting rules that apply to the game. There are various Live Casino tables available in our lobby with differing stakes, depending on your bankroll and your tastes, and you can ask the friendly dealers if you have any specific wagering questions.

How Much Can I Bet On Casino Games?

The games in an online casino all have their own maximum and minimum bets, either based on table type, volatility or how many paylines the game offers. Some are set without bet levels, others let you use many variations of bets. It’s your choice what bet size fits your play style and which games again suits that.

We suggest testing out the slot or casino game you want and keeping an eye on the coin value, bet size and even the value of your bet. These are all features that are visible in the playable section of the slot where you spin and place your bets.

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