GODSENT Locks-In Betsafe Partnership

GODSENT esports team finally came to an agreement with Betsafe. Using their combined resources, both parties see the high potential of the partnership for the future of professional gaming and sports betting services.

Swedish Professional Esports Team and Betsafe Join Forces

GODSENT, one of Sweden’s most notorious esports teams will be in partnership with Betsafe, a sports betting brand, for three years as a part of an exclusive sponsorship deal. Betsafe’s history in the betting industry and GODSENT’s future in gaming aims to spurt the growth of both organizations.

They will work together and pool their resources to present a special opportunity for bettors, content creators, players, and others. Given that major sporting events and competitions are being postponed to a later point in time, Betsafe turned its focus to the growing industry of esports. A sport that has grown widely popular since last year, which accelerated the process of partnering up as it now has even more merit than before.

Betsafe took action to secure one of their most adventurous deals, and their first esports sponsorship agreement, by becoming the main sponsor for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). This is a well-known first-person shooter (FPS) game, with just shy of 10 years of its existence and initial launch, extremely popular amongst European esports bettors and players alike.

The CEO of GODSENT, Ludwig Sandgren, commented that Betsafe “will become an important driver of our CS:GO division and will be a great strategic partner as we grow into a tier-one organization.”

While on the flip side, Betsafe aims to enhance its betting product through joint effort and putting the word out using social media channels. As part of the agreement, GRID Esports will secure GODSENT with content for upcoming matches. They also plan to produce additional behind-the-scene content, which will surely be beneficial for both GODSENT and Betsafe, but most importantly – the fans.

Speaking out on the strategic alliance for CH, head of marketing Sweden at Betsson Group, Kim Ekelund, stated that this partnership between both entities is a “concrete example of Betsafe’s commitment towards the future of esports.”

According to performance indicators presented by Betsson Group, they showed a growth of 31.5%. Although their numbers are growing, Ekelund speaks out further on the collaboration by saying, “Betsafe believes there’s still a lot of progress to be made in the esports arena and this sponsorship between ambitious GODSENT and Betsafe.”