Lights, Camera, Horror!

Halloween is a big deal for us here at CasinoEuro. We re-watch our favourite iconic horror movies and replay the best horror slots online. Last year, we made some of our slot heroes into movie starswith a series of Halloween slot posters. This year we couldn’t help but think, what would happen if our favourite slot characters were transported into some of the most iconic movie scenes from our horror favourites. So we invited them to grab some popcorn, and help us recreate some world famous scenes.

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Can You Guess The Horror Movie?

The girls from Zombie Rush just want you to come play with them.

The spooky joker from Dark Joker Rizes wants to play a game.

Heeeere’s Jackie! Jack and the Beanstalk is taking a spookier turn this Halloween!

Wild Toro’s just having a shower after knocking down the matador, but… Who’s behind the curtain?

The pumpkin headed biker in Lucky Halloween just wants to know if you like scary movies.

Sherlock Holmes seems to be a bit tied up at the moment.

Do you recognize all the horror movies? Which is your favourite re-creation of our top slot heroes? Let us know in the comments below before you take some of our spooky, or not so spooky, slots out for a spin. If you’re a true horror movie buff, we recommend Halloween based on the classic horror movie series, or if you’re a fan of newer horror, you can check out Paranormal Activity. Get ready for tricks and treats, and check out our promotion page, for the latest spooky treats from CasinoEuro!