Top 5 Weirdest Life Odds

If you’ve ever played your favourite games at an online casino, you’ll be familiar with how odds work, and the critical impact they can have on the outcome of any given spin of a reel or hand of cards.

But while the notion of probability is obvious in the world of online casinos, very few people realise how often odds are part of our daily lives.

What Are The Odds Of That?

Before you repeat the phrase “What are the odds of that?” to a friend again, check out these weird and quirky odds that you may encounter in your life.

1. Kiss The Girl

Most of us have been on a first date at least once in our lives. That all too familiar nervous feeling of wanting to kiss your date is quite common, and especially men seem to be unsure if they should just lean in and kiss the gal or not. Well, the good news is that there is a 1 in 1.9 chance that women kiss their partners on the first date, which is roughly the same odds of a baseball game being won by the home team.

2. ER Madness

A trip to the hospital Emergency Room is not your typical Saturday morning, but it can happen to anyone. And while most people might assume that a visit to the ER might be a result of a broken limb, or an accident, there are some pretty weird things that can land you in the ER. You have a 1 in 167,000 chance of visiting your nearest hospital as a result of duct tape. Yes, duct tape!

3. Sharks (Don’t Always) Bite

Sharks have a bad reputation for being bloodthirsty killing machines, but they actually only kill one person in 250 million each year. There are a number of weird things out there that are far deadlier than sharks, such as escalators, coconuts, vending machines, bathtubs, and even shopping on Black Friday, each of which claim four lives annually.

4. Your Favourite Food

There’s also something to be said when it comes to food and drink. We often take it for granted that everyone likes things such as fries, coffee, and pizza. In fact, there’s a chance that 1 in 1.8 adults will drink at least one coffee in a day. This is more probable than an adult having cold pizza for breakfast, which seems to be pretty common at odds of 1 in 2.6!

5. Being Angelina

So, what are the chances of making it onto the silver screen alongside your favourite movie star? 1 in 1,190,000 to be precise. And yet, not all movie stars are created equal. In fact, one of the most popular names in the business is undoubtedly Angelina Jolie. Moviegoers have a 1 in 86.1 chance that a dollar they spend at the box office will be for a movie starring Angelina Jolie. This actress has also had an interesting impact on many people as well. You have a 1 in 2,703 chance of running into a woman named Angelina, or a 1 in 1,003 chance of meeting a boy who was born in 2009 named Maddox.

May The Odds Be In Your Favour

There are so many interesting and weird odds in the world, that it makes life quite interesting and unpredictable. While it’s true that some weird odds are stacked in your favour, others are very unlikely to happen to you. However, the odds of winning real money prizes at an online casino can be far better than certain weird odds mentioned above. Give it a go.